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Abundance Potion


  • 1 part apple juice
  • 1 part grape juice
  • 1 part raspberry juice
  • 4 – 5 large strawberries sliced and hulled
  • 1 kiwi peeled and sliced
  • 1 orange sliced (not peeled)
  • Champagne, sparkling wine and/or sparkling cider


Mix all the juices in a large punch bowl, add all fruits except the oranges (garnish for glasses).  Fill each glass half way with Champagne (or substitutes) and half with the juice mixture.  Add orange slice as garnish (laid on top of potion).

Hand a glass to each guest wishing them “abundance in the goddess’ blessings” being sure to touch your glass to theirs.

Once all your guests have a glass, drink in unison to abundance for all!  Refills do not require the same ritual but it is best to drink all the potion!