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The Dangers of Recipe Collecting

Unfortunately when I set up this blog, I had a very busy week and instead of getting everything set up ahead of time, I got viciously sidetracked my life.  This resulted in recipes being published before I could contact the author and ask for permission.  I received a prompt comment from a not-so-happy blogger stating she really would have appreciated me asking permission.  I sent her an email and replied on the comment.  I also spent the better part of an hour crossing my t’s and dotting my i’s.  I have no intention of stealing someone else’s hard work.  As a matter of fact, its my intention to get them more readers by displaying their inspiring recipes on this blog.

But then I received a rather nasty comment from some guy claiming I was hot linking the images and stealing content and money.  I laughed at his comment.  I wasn’t stealing anything and had no idea what he was talking about.  I check my entry and lo & behold… I WAS hot linking images!  I have a wonderful little program on my browser that allows me to create posts from selected text on a webpage.  It was SUPPOSE to add the images to my server… obviously it didn’t.  I had to spend another hour trying to determine which images it was downloading to my server and which ones it wasn’t.  Very frustrating!  To make absolute, I’ve removed any images I did have planned for the entries just in case.

I will eventually redownload the images and put them on my server myself but its the holiday and I’d like to not have to spend the better part of it trying to figure out how to make that happen.  Instead, I’d rather type up a few blog entries on my tasty turkey and enjoy the day.  =)

I hope you also have a great holiday!