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What am I?

I’m often asked what am I exactly… Vegan, vegetarian, poser?  My favorite answer… I’m a Flexitarian!  Though my diet is primarily vegan, its not on purpose.  I’m simply eating healthy.  This leads to a primarily vegan diet.  I’m not 100% vegan because I have a love of cheese and have yet to find suitable vegan substitutes for many of them.  I’m also not vegan because I love fish FAR too much to even think of giving it up.  I’m sorry for those who had a different image of me but I cannot help it.  Nor do I want to.

Unlike most vegans/vegetarians, my choice in dining experiences aren’t politically based.  No, I don’t approve of animal cruelty but I also don’t think it goes against nature to eat animals.  Other species do so and some far crueler than a fishing hook and a mallet.  BUT I feel that it isn’t natural, right or healthy to pump animals full of hormones, drugs, dyes, etc. nor raise them in cruel, unclean environments for the sake of mass production.  For this reason, I don’t eat any meats that aren’t organic, local and free range.  I buy extremely locally or not at all.  Again, this tends to lend to a more vegan diet simply because its difficult to find food that meets my personal criteria.

I also have a diet that is custom tailored for me specifically and slightly adjusted to suit that of my partner as well.  I have far more food sensitivities than my partner so its more of the other way around but its a compromise we’ve both had to make.  Processed foods are not in my diet and again, this leads to a more vegan diet as most meat and meat products are processed foods.

So as much as I lean toward vegan dishes, its out of a healthy choice and being aware of the food I consume more than it is anything else.  A wonderful by-product of that is feeling better about my personal impact on the planet and knowing I live just that much healthier.


2 thoughts on “What am I?

  1. I have exactly the same view on diet. Unfortunately, I also am challenged with living with a meat-hungry carnivore of a boyfriend and having a very limited budget – yay, college – and I tend to make a lot of diet sacrifices to satisfy both.

    Oh, and I love the term “flexitarian”. It is perfect.

    • Thanks! I love the term as well but can’t take credit for inventing it. I don’t remember where I read it but I felt it suited me perfectly. I can also understand about having a meat loving partner and how its difficult to balance the two. I’ve discovered that substituting things like Boca burgers for hamburgers and tofu for chicken makes a huge different. Though the most expensive thing we eat is meat so for our budget, tofu is much cheaper per meal and a lot more flexible for our tastes. =D

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