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Homemade Vegan Margarine

Originally I was going to post one of the more popular directions for this recipe but after reading the purpose of each ingredient, I’m posting my variation.

Note from the chef: Most margarine recipes are made with milk, I make mine with soy for two reasons 1) its vegan and 2) soy milk naturally has lecithin in it to keep the recipe from separating in the fridge.  If yours separates, I suggest adding 1 tsp. liquid lecithin to the recipe (it is a natural soy bean derived ingredient).  Also, this is the most basic recipe that can be spiced up with salt, herbs, cheeses, etc.


  • 1/2 cup soy milk
  • 1 cup oil (oils greatly change the taste so either choose something with little or no taste or one that suits your recipe/pallet)
  • 3-6 drops Lemon juice (natural preserve)


  1. Add soy milk in food processor on high and allow to run for approximately 1 minute
  2. In a slow, steady stream add oil as you continue processing the mixture until emulsified, approximately 2 minutes
  3. Add your drops of lemon juice (remember, the more you add the more it carries the taste) as well as any other flavorings (herbs, etc.)
  4. Blend
  5. Turn off processor
  6. Keep margarine in an air tight container in the fridge