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The 20 Minute Chef a.k.a. The One Pot Wonder

Those are a couple of the nicknames I’ve earned over the years when I had 60+ hour work weeks and no time to cook.  A recent inquiry by my friend Amber has me delving into the memory vaults and dusting off my “Quick Cooking” guide.  Now let me say a few things about this form of cooking…

  1. It is not the healthiest way to eat but I do provide vegan and/or healthy substitutes whenever possible.  Can you live on it?  Yes, but you should also make sure you exercise and follow some other key nutritional points such as plenty of water throughout your day, staying away from greasy foods when snacking and eating a healthy meal as time allows.
  2. Learn substitution.  I try to keep my recipes simple and with few ingredients.  I offer a great link to a substitution guide at the top of the page, use it to your heart’s content… PLEASE!
  3. Don’t be intimidated by the titles.  I’m a writer, I am great at making things sound like some exotic dish.  But always read the ingredients and directions before assuming it sounds too complicated to do.
  4. Visit often and read the new section going up (at the top of the page) called “The Madame’s Manual”.  This will be some great tips, tricks, hints and lessons on how to be the cook everyone raves about!  It will be an on-going guideline so tune in often.
  5. Lastly, don’t be afraid to comment.  I’m always happy to answer questions and help out as I can.

I will be slipping these entries in between others so tune in daily to see what I have cooking and I hope you enjoy them!  And if you don’t… blame Amber.

~The Madame Zen