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Station Break

Sorry about the lack of new entries.  I’m researching both dehydrator and bread recipes.  LOTS to go through… no so much of interest as I had hoped.  Seems a lot of people like to regurgitate the same recipes with little to no variations.  Unlike moi, who gives you the basic recipe with the options already there, a lot of people seem to just change an ingredient or two and post it as a totally different recipe.  VERY frustrating to read through.

Plus, we’ve been doing some renovating in the kitchen area so I’m a bit limited on space and time to try new recipes.  Though I was asked to post some old ones, which I’m hoping to do shortly.

I’m doing our taxes… that’s always a big hold up and very time consuming thing.  I have a few more scheduled posts and then I’ll be back on here much more often with not only new recipes but some reviews as well!  I’m expanding my blog to include product, tools, blog, book and recipe reviews.  So if you’ll hang in there just a bit longer, you’ll have more than you did previously!

Stay tuned!