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Homemade whipped cream

In yesterday’s post, I talked about whipped cream versus CoolWhip.  Now if you’ve never had homemade whipped cream, you are going to kick yourself over how easy it is to make and how absolutely delicious it is!  Here’s how to make it:


  • Pint of heavy whipping cream (found in the dairy section and is actually called “heavy whipping cream”)
  • Options: honey, chocolate syrup, baking flavorings* (see Hints & Tips)


  1. Keep the cream quite cold until you are ready to start whipping it.  Start by pouring it in a bowl.
  2. Start whipping the cream with a beater/mixer.  It will begin to froth then foam.
  3. Once it starts to foam and have a little bit of thickness (a minute into the mixing), start adding your flavorings a little at a time, testing the mixture until you are satisfied.  (see Hints & Tips)
  4. Continue to whip the cream until it thickens and starts to form peaks.  You can whip it as much as you like.  Though generally the whole process takes less than five minutes.
  5. Add to your dessert and eat!
Hints & Tips:
  • Flavorings: DO NOT USE EXTRACTS!  Whipped cream easily carries tastes and extracts will give it an alcohol-type flavor.  Instead, use actual flavorings (found in the baking section of your store).  I highly recommend vanilla, honey, chocolate/strawberry/caramel syrups, orange or mint.
  • To store any unused portion, you can freeze the whipped cream but it will get runny once you thaw it out again.  Try whipping it again if needed.  Allow it to thaw in the fridge only.  Heating it will change the consistency.  If you are going to use it immediately, simply keep it in a covered bowl in the fridge.
  • Whipped cream is excellent for hot cocoa, flavored coffees or chai
  • As frosting or a dollop on a cake
  • Over ice cream
  • As a fruit dip
  • On parfaits