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Egg Use and substitutions

Today, while looking up the recipe for banana bread, I realized I had no eggs!  So out of curiosity, I started researching what to use as a substitute for my vegan dishes.  I found the following information (also posted under the Madame’s Manual at the top of the page):

EGGS AS A BINDER: Replaced with Arrowroot, Soy, Lecithin, Flaxseed Mix, Pureed Fruits or Vegetables, or Silken Tofu. RATION: For each egg you are replacing, substitute with 1/4 cup of the replacement.

EGGS AS LEAVENING AGENTS: Replace with Buttermilk, Yogurt, Baking Soda, or Commercial Egg Replacement Powder. (Generally in bread use)

EGGS AS MOISTURIZERS: Replace with Fruit Juice, Milk, Water or Pureed Fruit