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Getting my kicks!

With the fuss over our ceremony finally ebbing, I’m faced with some new issues, new directions and a new enthusiasm for cooking!  Nothing says, “I need to lose weight” like seeing your ceremony pictures… especially when your partner is this thin, sleek, sexy athlete.  Okay, okay… so I’m not HUGE but at times, I feel like it.  Especially when I eat as healthy as I do and yet here I am, quite overweight.  And as much as I know I need to exercise more, that doesn’t happen when you’re winded so quickly or when it hurts so much.  I need to lose weight to exercise more and need to exercise more to lose weight.  Vicious cycle.

As someone who studies nutrition and the body, I realize what I really need here is something to kick start the whole process.  Eliminating soy from my diet removed several issues that were preventing me from losing the weight but it wasn’t the magical wand waved to make me suddenly thin.  It was merely the thing that prevented me from being able to go any further.  Shackles removed but standing in the prison cell does nothing for one’s freedom.  So I need to find my kick.  My “push” to get the ball rolling.  Everything I’ve tried has thus far failed (obviously).  From dropping carbs to calories, it’s not happening.  Or it’s not healthy.  I consume less than 1200 calories per day.  That means that I shouldn’t need much in way of exercise to at least maintain my weight.  It also means that I can’t eat less than I am and remain in good health.

So I’ve decided to rearrange my eating patterns.  When I get up in the mornings, I grab an orange, slice of homemade bread (plain), small bowl of cereal, yogurt, whatever.  A few hours later, it’s another similar snack food.  A few hours later, lunch which pretty much sounds like the same list for breakfast.  A few hours later… yup, more health snack food.  So on and so forth.  This eating every few hours is extremely healthy and encourages a higher metabolism and (usually) a health weight.  But then we get to our evening meal which I keep at around 500 calories, the bulk of my daily intake.  After that, we might snack a bit but not much.  Try as one does, let’s face it, dinner is the biggest meal we have and to boot, we sit on our asses watching TV afterwards!  Then go to sleep!  Where do those fats and calories go?  In my case, directly to the body part I was sitting on that whole time.

That is going to change like yesterday.  Oh wait!  We did start changing that since yesterday!  Both my partner and I agreed that we hate how heavy our evening meals can be and decided we’re changing our biggest meal to lunch.  So my mornings will be filled with prepping the largest meal (or doing so the night before) and my evenings will be nice, light, on the go type foods that allow us to remain active well after the dining hour.

I’m hoping that will be the kick in the … diet I need.  I’ll keep you posted!