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What’s happening in our kitchen?

I’m sorry!  Okay!  I said it!  I’m sorry I dropped this blog like a hot potato but there is so much going on in our lives that honestly, there are days we barely had time to eat much less me attempting new science experiments.  I am hoping that’s changing.  Because I really, REALLY miss cooking.  And blogging about it.  I really wanted to create more posts on our delicious Winter Solstice meal but it simply never happened.  We’re still enjoying some amazing minced meat pies (because the filling freezes so wonderfully) and even our amazing ham was just… well… amazing!  I made it in a slow cooker and it was just perfect.

But since December, we’ve been a bit busy and life is, as always, taking on new direction.  Our busy schedules leave us with very little time to cook properly and that got me to thinking, I need to spend more time with my crockpot/slow cooker.  So I’m working on a few recipes that I’m interested in trying out and will post them here as I create them.

I still haven’t given up my pursuit of creating yogurt with almond/coconut milk but am convinced I might try regular milk first.  Mostly because our detox is coming up shortly and we consume a lot of yogurt during that time, but also because I think that if I can master it with regular milk, it will provide me with help with using almond milk.

I haven’t been making bread lately but that will change again too.  After detox we need to make sure we keep eating healthy because I’m on a new diet… er… eating regiment (I hate the word “diet”).  I’ve recently purchased a bicycle and we have it on a trainer (so I can stay in one spot and peddle) as a no-impact form of exercise for me.  You’d think we would have thought of this ages ago being Bre is a professional cyclist but we didn’t.  She fitted me to the bike and so far, it’s been a lot less painful than I’ve previously experienced.  It’s amazing how much of a difference a proper bike fit can make in riding.

To give you an idea of why this is so important to me, I have a spinal injury in my tailbone that has prohibited me from enjoying much in the way of physical activity for nearly ten years.  There have been days when I cannot even walk and the pain was unbearable.  So when we realized soy was causing the inflammation, I had a flicker of hope that I might close the chapter of pain in my life.  But… despite removing the soy, the inflammation going down, the pain easing, etc.  I could not seem to lose any weight (nor gain any for that matter).  Because my injuries make it so I cannot be left unattended during walks, even that has been nearly impossible to squeeze into Bre’s schedule (as she’s the one working the most hours while I’m trying to breath life into Rue Apothecary).  But the other day we realized a solution would be purchasing a bicycle and making it stationary (eventually we plan on taking it off the trainer) and did so.

Now here’s the kicker… this whole time I’ve been waiting for my metabolism to accept the soy is gone and do SOMETHING!  ANYTHING!  Even if my weight went UP would be an improvement because at least if it can go up it can go down (as a child, teen and even young adult, I had a very hard time gaining weight).  So we got the bike thinking its what we needed.  I stepped on the scale so I could monitor any change in weight.  I nearly  fell over with the number I saw!  I had somehow gained well over ten pounds without even so much as noticing!  Although normally one might be upset over the gain, I was ecstatic (because of the point I just made, what goes up must come down!).  So we’re excited to know there is more than just a “chance” of things changing and thus my renewed interest in this blog.

So that all said, our first line up of entries will be about cooking in crockpots/slow cookers and for those who don’t have the time to cook!  Stay tuned!