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How cooking can make you a Superhero!

With all the slow cooker recipes I’ve been posting, I’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding the huge 6 quart CrockPot I use and how many people I’m feeding here!  LOL!  Let me start by saying, there is only two people I’m cooking for and no, we don’t eat that much in a single meal.  But that’s sort of the point.  I’m not cooking a single meal.  On average, I can get about five meals from a single 6 quart batch of whatever.  I freeze the remaining portions.  Here’s some great reasons why you might consider this method of meal prepping at home:

  • It takes only minutes longer to prep several meals at once.  Generally my recipes are a half hour of prep per cooking session.  So naturally if I’m making enough for five meals, it might take me perhaps five to ten minutes longer depending on what needs chopping, cutting, blending, etc. but that’s it.  So either I spend ONE day cooking for FORTY minutes or I spend FIVE days cooking for THIRTY minutes each!  Large batch cooking saves me an average of two hours to four HOURS of cooking time a week. SAVE TIME!
  • When I don’t feel like cooking, we don’t have to order out.  I simply warm up an already home cooked, healthy meal.  SAVE TIME & MONEY!
  • I’m always ready for company!  I freeze the food in individual portions so I can feed just the two of us, or five of us with a single batch and not worry about all that time trying to cook for unexpected guests!  SAVE TIME, MONEY AND SANITY!
  • IT’S GREEN!  A slow cooker uses less energy than an oven even over the hours it sits cooking on your counter (I tested this theory myself as I have a meter that I can plug appliances into and it will tell me how many amps it uses over extended periods of time).  It’s a great way to save energy even if you don’t use the slow cooker because you are cooking five times the amount of food in a single electricity session.  Great way to help lower that electric bill.  Plus, less waste!  Not just less food wasted (because you are dividing it into individual meals and thus have less chances of leftovers being left to spoil) but also in actual trash.  Cooking in bulk allows you to buy in bulk and thus less individual packing to toss out.   SAVE TIME, MONEY, SANITY AND THE PLANET!
  • Less chances of food contamination.  If the food is already cooked, all you’re doing is heating it up.  You are far less likely to have insufficiently cooked meals and risking the chances of being sick.  SAVE TIME, MONEY, SANITY, THE PLANET AND YOUR HEALTH!
  • Lastly, and my absolute FAVORITE reason…. LESS DISHES!  I cook once for five meals.  That means it’s one or two pot, pan, casserole dish, whatever for every five meals!  For the meals I heat up, it’s only the container(s) the meal was in and the dishes used to eat it off of!  Got to LOVE that idea!  Plus, doing less dishes means using less water.  So now its… SAVE TIME, MONEY, SANITY, THE PLANET, YOUR HEALTH and WATER!
So basically… cooking in larger batches makes you a superhero.  Now all I need is a cape and a catchy theme song.