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Time for a new look!

Greetings fellow foodies!  As you can see, assuming you’re not reading this via a reader, the blog has got a new look and I’ve done some minor tweaking here and there.  The categories are now located at the bottom of every page in a dropdown menu to make it that much easier (and cleaner looking).  I’ve updated the “about the cook & the book” page and even include a picture of me.  Yeah, I know but it’s the only one I have involving food that isn’t me being a total goof (an instantaneous reaction whenever a camera is facing me, I heard Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett had the same affliction).  I’ve updated and added some links to my artwork and profiles.

Does this mean I’ll be updating more often?  Er… umm… well… yeah… about that…

Okay, as much as I’d like to say that I’ll be here with any regularity, it’s me… and there’s nothing regular or consistent with me other than I’m either cooking, gaming, creating or goofing off.  That’s the whole kit and caboodle.  So I’m leaving it with… I hope to offer more entries but I make no promises.

And on that note… I’ve got some potatoes in the slow cooker that need my attention before I get back to pinning interesting recipes on Pinterest.

Hopefully, I’ll write at you soon!