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Eating Dinner for Lunch

Some of my readers know that I’m struggling with an unusual situation…er… sort of.  Although many people struggle with their weight in today’s society, I’m one of the very unlucky few whose weight gain is by no fault of my own.  Okay, so a lot of people claim otherwise but as readers of my blog, you see how well I eat and know that I’m generally a very healthy person.  I eat between 800 and 1500 calories a day, which is enough to allow natural weight loss without needing much exercise.  As a matter of fact, I should be burning about 2300 calories if I do little more than sit at my computer all day.  So why isn’t the weight falling of?

Originally, we thought my reducing of soy products in my diet would be the answer.  After all, we had discovered that it was causing major inflammation and as it acts like estrogen in the body, my already high hormone levels were difficult enough.  So we just assumed that dropping the soy would be the “cure-all”.  Okay, we knew that wasn’t exactly a perfect solution and that exercise would also be required.  So I started riding a bicycle on a trainer and struggling to stay active on it.  Struggling because I still have a lot of weight I’m carrying around with me that makes physical activity really difficult at times.

But nothing was happening.  As a matter of fact, I was gaining pounds at a very slow rate!  I thought, okay, it’s muscle mass but very few inches were coming off and I was again, greatly discouraged.

Yet, I’m not one to give up.  So instead, I’ve been doing tons of research trying to find a viable solution.  And that’s how I discovered something I knew all along but didn’t realize was such a big deal.  I have an extremely efficient metabolism.  My body burns precisely what it needs to preform any physical activity and that’s it.  Bare minimum.  But I knew that.  It’s why I couldn’t gain weight as a young adult because my body burned what it needed and thus never had need to store much fat.  So when the medication I took ages ago to aid a supposed heart condition, it changed my metabolism rate drastically which allowed me to not only gain weight but gain it despite being vegan at the time!

Fast forward to a few days ago to where I’m sitting at my computer researching reasons why someone as healthy, strong and energetic as I am could be overweight.  Once again, I came across resting metabolism rate (RMR) as I have previously but this time, something in the article I was reading really clicked for me, “if your body is metabolically efficient, it burns fewer calories while in motion”.  BINK!  Light bulb goes on!  Time to start smacking myself in the forehead and asking why I hadn’t realized it sooner.  Or why, despite all the doctors/nutritionists I’ve seen, I wasn’t told about this being a possible issue.  Several articles of research later and I discover that while on the medication, my RMR and my BMR (Basal Metabolism Rate) were compromised, thus causing the weight gain.  Off the medication and it returned to it’s normal efficient self.  Thus no weight gain… or loss.  Now it makes complete sense!

So what do I need to do to lose weight?  Obviously, I’m not keen on taking any further medication and in all honesty, I don’t want to change my RMR because it IS efficient and it IS what my body does naturally.

I’ve decided to switch meal times.  Well… more like meal amounts… or… okay, I’m switching places between lunch and dinner.  Although I’m sure you’ve heard nutritionists suggesting you make breakfast or lunch your heaviest meal, but they don’t tell you a key factor in that… don’t eat the same types of food for dinner!  Yes, your largest meal of the day should be around when you are most active, mornings to early afternoons.  But when we switch the size of the meal, most people don’t switch the components.  Instead, they continue to eat starchy, high protein, high carb but smaller dinners.  Where does all that food go if you’re not as active after dinner?  Yup, you guessed it.  Right to your favorite expanding body parts.

So now, I cook meals that I would normally have for dinner and instead eat them for lunch.  “But I have kids/partner that can’t/won’t do that!”  Don’t think you’re alone in the world of wanting to diet but find it grossly inconvenient because of your family/relationship situation.  One of the reasons I like cooking dinner for lunch is, once dinner time comes around, I just heat up the plate and serve.  As for myself, I’m never as hungry so I make myself something light to eat like a sandwich, a very small portion of the dinner itself, soup or rice dish.  This way, I can still enjoy a meal with my family without feeling like I’m starving or depriving myself of something.

I’ve only been doing this for a few days and already lost 4 pounds!  And I didn’t even get to exercise in the past few days!  Keep your fingers crossed for me that this is a possible solution!