Grocery Delivery

I’m all about convenience but when it’s entwined with saving money AND time… well… you know I’m all for that!  One of the things that ends up saving us a great deal regarding groceries is having them delivered.  I know what you’re thinking, that you can’t afford delivery but the average grocery store charges $5 to $15 for delivery.  That’s it!  Unless you spend less than 3 gallons of gas going to and from the grocery store, the gas you save alone is worth it.  Let’s not even go into the whole packing up the kids and such.

Save Time

Then we add the whole convenience of taking all the time in the world to go shopping without leaving your home.  You can add items to your cart without purchasing them at that moment and it will save the information for whenever you’re ready.  You can pick the delivery date and time to fit around YOUR schedule.  You don’t have to go to the store, just sit at your computer, add things to your cart and select a delivery time.  You pay via credit/debit card (some stores allow for bank transfers) and poof.  Off to do something better with your time than stand in line and schlepping things through a parking lot.

Oh!  And for a real time saver… most stores allow you to shop via order history.  You can repeat an entire order with a click of a button, add things to a previous order or pick and choose items you ordered before!  Can’t remember the name of the bread you tried last order?  It’s right there!  Need to restock your pantry?  Everything you ordered is right there on a list.  Just tick off what you want and how many!

Save Money

You know what I love?  Being able to purchase things when they are on sale without having to search in the store or through a flyer to find it.  Most stores have their specials listed on their site for easy shopping.  With the store membership, you never have to worry about forgetting your card, it’s remembered so you get all those lovely instant savings.  I love shopping the buy one get one free offers and find the specials all listed in one place.

Not to mention, a lot of stores offer free delivery with purchasing a certain amount or as a weekly promotion.  So then I’m really saving the money!

Save your sanity

No long lines.  No crowds.  No screaming children.  No bumped carts.  No trying to find a parking spot.  No cart with squeaky wheels that fights you when pushing it.

Accept no substitutes… or do… or equivalents. 

With home delivery you can choose to accept “no substitute” for an item they no longer have in stock, or accept a different size from the same brand or different brand but the same size.  Nice right?

So there you go.  That’s why I have my groceries delivered.  That and it’s just so much easier when your life is as hectic as things tend to get with us in the Madame.