Strawberry Shortbot

Yesterday, Bre brought home some strawberries and angel food cake!  So naturally, strawberry shortcake came to mind but we had no whip cream (and honestly, I don’t particularly care for the store bought stuff) so off we went to the store to get some sour cream and heavy whipping cream.  Now the reason we picked up the sour cream is because you can make a thicker, sweeter and healthier yogurt-type cream for your desserts with sour cream (recipe forthcoming) and I don’t know if Bre liked actual whipped cream.

Real whipped cream doesn’t taste like CoolWhip which is really just a small amount of cream with a lot of corn syrup and water that has been pumped full of air.  I’ll add another entry for that as well.

Instead, I want to talk about the strawberry shortbots.  What is a strawberry shortbot?  Why it’s a… well… er… oh, here’s a picture:

Don't eat me!!!

That adorable and extremely tasty cutie is angel food cake slathered in homemade whipped cream and topped with strawberries with a drizzling of strawberry syrup (chocolate syrup does well too!).   Now THAT says love!