Failed experiment with Almond Milk

I have this love affair with almond milk ever since I was told that I had to limit my soy intake.  Please understand dear reader… I LOVED my chai soy drink and was absolutely addicted to it.  For years now, soy has been the mainstay of my diet and learning to deviate from that is quite the challenge.  Not only because I’m so use to it and like it but because so many vegan and vegetarian foods contain it!  The biggest being tofu.  Just as I learn to make tofu that tastes amazing, I discover I shouldn’t be eating it.

Why?  Because I’m estrogen dominant and in women like me, soy mimics the symptoms of thyroid problems.  For years every doctor assumed my weight gain was a thyroid issue.  Every time I would be tested.  Every time it would come back negative and they’d stand there scratching their heads.  This whole time the culprit has been soy.

So I wanted to make a high protein meat substitute for tofu.  Being almond milk replaced my soy milk, I thought it might be able to replace my tofu.  Er… no.  Although you can curd almond milk, and I did rather easily, getting it to the right consistency to make into a tofu-like block isn’t so easy.  Four different experiments later, I’ve decided it might not be the best plan.  If its going to get so complicated I need to break out the chemistry set, I’m going to have to forgo the almond tofu and find something new.

I have… Seitan.  Yes, that sounds like close to the word Satan.  Yes, if I end up loving it I will be forced to get the “Seitan worshiper” shirt.  Hopefully we find out tomorrow as I plan on making a test batch.  Wish me luck!  If its a success, you’ll get a full report on it tomorrow or the following day.  If its not… well you’ll get a brief “pooh! that didn’t work either!”